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According to a review by MIT, there is a severe shortage of cybersecurity personnel. They expect the gap to rise to 3.5 million unfilled jobs by 2021. Those who work in cybersecurity are already aware of these statistics. This shortage of personnel is significantly affecting organizations of every industry in several ways. Security breaches go undetected for long periods, or malware attacks compromise network systems affecting employee productivity and the company in general.


Most companies post job advertisements to recruit people to help them with the challenges they face but fail to find the right candidates to fill the positions. The following are simple guidelines that can help a company get the right cybersecurity employee.


#1. They should candidly define the skills they need

A company should identify the exact problems that face it before considering a solution. Only by recognizing the flaws of their system will they know the qualifications that a candidate will need to be able to develop a solution. Recruiters should also note that effective cybersecurity requires more than just technical skills. Effective communication and collaboration skills will help the professional identify and solve problems simpler by interacting with top management and the organization’s consumers.


#2. Focus on more than just educational requirements

Numerous companies have found that certain backgrounds, such as forensic science and law enforcement, can make one an exemplary forensic scientist. Most organizations would prefer to hire personnel with a degree in cybersecurity, but in the long run, they realize they are not the right fit for the position.


#3. Make good use of social media

Social media is a great place to find talent, especially for tech-savvy jobs. Using social media, a company can scout for talent in professional forums and analyze the expertise of potential hires deeply before calling them for an interview. One can also pouch talented cybersecurity experts from other companies on social media through freelance platforms where they offer their services temporarily for a price.


#4. Conduct a thorough and effective interview

Most people who breach company cybersecurity platforms can build them. The best interviews for cybersecurity experts involve them breaking down system firewalls and bypassing security systems already set. An interview that can identify sufficient technical expertise coupled with social and interpersonal evaluation is necessary when a company is picking a cybersecurity expert.