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Headphones that Translate
This is an amazing piece of technology, specifically for those that travel often. Waverly has created an audio device that translates on the spot. This helps travelers navigate other countries regardless of any language barrier. There are a plethora of situations that this thing could be used in. You’ll worry less while on vacation and it could even make creating friendships just a bit smoother. It works by attaching one half to your ear and handing someone else the other half to put onto their own head. Once the conversation begins the correct translation will play in both of your ears. While it’s still being tweaked, an early version of this technology is sure to still be a blast.

Sunglasses with Built In Speakers
Props to the creator of these things! Bose has debuted sunglasses with wireless earbuds. Spend a sunny day outside jamming to your favorite music, hands free. These frames will stream from your phone, using the bluetooth. It’s hard to believe but the speakers are fantastic and no one else is able to hear what you’re playing! Bose is even offering two different styles of shades.

A Television that Rolls Up
It’s a bit difficult to imagine, but LG is in the process of creating a disappearing television. Its screen will be able to stretch up to 65 inches when in use and roll back into a box where it’s stored, afterwards. This will be great for people living in small spaces or for anyone that doesn’t like a huge screen cluttering up your living room.

An Item Finder
Everyone can find a use for this cool gadget. If you’re someone that needs help keeping tabs on your things, this is what you’ve been waiting for. The Tile Mate is the size of a keychain at only 1.3 inches long and .2 inches thick. You simply attach it to whatever item you find yourself constantly losing and use the companion app to locate it anywhere. You can also make the Tile vibrate, flash, or ring so it even works without the app for any lost item that may be nearby.

Mixed Reality Headset
This device comes with multiple upgrades. It offers viewers a much wider angle and is more comfortable than its predecessors. If you haven’t tried one of these mixed reality headsets, what are you waiting for? This new technology can last for up to three hours or just make your commute to work more interesting.